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Course overview

This ONLINE course is for adult support staff at local Primary Schools in the borough.

An initial course to support adults already in or thinking of working in a Primary school environment. Adult only sessions.

This course is intended for people who are interested in working with children in a Primary setting. It looks at behavioural and learning development and how to tackle different behaviours through a supportive and informative approach. At the end of the course, you will know more about;

  • A range of strategies to build on your knowledge and skills to work in a school environment
  • How children think and what makes them tick, what makes them anxious and frustrated, happy/sad

  • How children develop and learn including learning through play and child led literacy and numeracy activities suitable for the age of the child
  • Building a toolbox of strategies to tackle different behaviours

  • Build a really positive adult/child relationship by learning how to stay calm, relaxed and happy
  • Work towards an accredited OCNWM Level 1/2 qualification and gain employability skills



Session details

Learners must enrol on this course and show full commitment to attend all 5 sessions.

Eligibility criteria

This course is available to adults school support staff in local primary schools

Available to those over 19 who may meet the following:

  • Do not hold a full Level 2 qualification including English or maths.
  • Do not hold a Level 2 Maths qualification
  • Do not hold a Level 2 English qualification
  • Are unemployed or retired
  • Are claiming JSA
  • Employed and looking to progress onto further Family Learning courses
  • Are parents/carers of children/young people who are entitled to free school meals


Venue and accessibility

Online course

Must download MSTeams to take part in the course.

Support is available to help get online.



What to Do Next

Opportunity to participate in an assessment of maths and English skills (outside of the course) to progress to functional skills English or Maths. This course will ideally lead onto the Level 1 Award in Child Development and the Level 2 Award in Child Development or Level 1 Supporting Children's Learning.

Speak with your tutor near the end of the course.

Check with the school or go to www.learntelford.ac.uk for more details.

For enquiries contact:

Opening Hours 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday

Telephone: 01952 382888

Email: support@learntelford.ac.uk

Learn Telford Telford & Wrekin Council Wellington Civic & Leisure Centre 2nd Floor Telford TF2 2FH