Functional Skills and ESOL Exams Summer 2020

Changes to City & Guilds summer 2020 functional skills and ESOL exams due to COVID-19


All Functional skills and ESOL exams that were due to be held in the summer have been cancelled due to Covid-19.


Can I still achieve my qualification?

We have been working closely with City and Guilds, who are the awarding organisation for your qualification, to see if we are able to estimate a grade for you. This is called a Centre Assessed Grade (CAG). If you enrolled on one of our functional skills or ESOL courses in Spring, you will receive an email or letter from us soon to let you know if we have been able to submit an estimated grade for you.


Can you tell me the result you submit for me?

No. City and Guilds have asked us to keep this information confidential.


What will happen if I do not receive a result?

If we are not able to submit a centre assessed grade for you, we will continue to support your learning and in due course provide an opportunity for you to take an exam.


How have you decided the results?

Following a national consultation, City and Guilds issued guidance on the process we need to follow to decide whether we are able to submit a provisional result (called a centre assessed grade) which reflects what would have been the likely outcome for your functional skills or ESOL qualification if teaching, learning and assessment had continued under normal circumstances.

Once these are submitted to City & Guilds on 1st July, they will then undertake a process of rigorous quality assurance to check those provisional results and how they have been calculated and use a range of other measures and statistics to make sure everyone is treated as fairly as possible.


I was due to do more than one exam, will I get a grade for everything?

We will look at each of the exams and decide for each one whether we are able to submit an estimated grade.


When will I get my results?

We will submit provisional results to City and Guilds on 1st July and they will release results to us at the end of July 2020. We will confirm results as soon as we can after that date. If we are able to submit a centre assessment grade for you, it will have equal status with those issued at any other time and will have the same value with learning providers and employers.


If I pass, will I receive a certificate?

Yes. City and Guilds will be issuing e-certificates (electronic certificates) for qualifications this summer.


Can I appeal about your decision?

More information will be made available to us on an appeals process by City and Guilds at the time that final results are issued by them.