How To Videos

Below are a list of videos that you can use, that are designed to introduce you to the basic features of our online learning platform Edmodo, our video session software Teams, and our functional skills learning tool BKSB.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is the software we use to host video sessions between you, your tutor and the other learners in the class. Click the link below to watch the youtube video about how to use Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams Video (2 minutes 35 seconds)


Edmodo is our online learning platform and we have a range of short videos below to help you understand its features. There is also one longer video showing everything, but you might prefer to access it in the smaller bitesized chunks listed below.

Full Video

Edmodo Features Full Video (8 minutes)

Bitesize Videos

Getting Edmodo on to your smartphone (2 minutes)

Features of weblinks in Edmodo (31 seconds)

Features of Edmodo Quizzes (47 seconds)

Features of 'My Classes' (37 seconds)

Features of Messages (1 minute 32 seconds)

Features of Polls (34 seconds)

Submitting Assignments (1 minute 16 seconds)

Features of Assignments (1 minute 21 seconds)

Assignment Grades and Feedback (44 seconds)


BKSB is the software we use to support assessment and learning in our Functional Skills courses. This video gives you an overview of its features and how to use it on a smartphone.

Using BKSB on your smartphone (4 minutes 59 seconds)