Covid-19 Testing at Home

Covid-19 Testing at Home (updated 29/4/21)

In-line with guidance provided by the Department for Education, we are asking all our learners that are attending face to face courses to test themselves using a test at home kit (lateral flow), before they come to their class/session.

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Log your Lateral Flow Test Results with Learn Telford

Instructional video for self-testing -

Report a self-test result to the NHS -

Book a PCR test -

Order a testing kit - 

Information about where to collect a testing kit locally - 


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How do I get a testing kit?

Your tutor will provide you with a testing kit at your first session. The box you are given contains 7 tests and has instructions on how to use them.

You can also order a testing kit directly via this link 


Do I have to get a test before I come to the first session?

We encourage you to get a test before you come to the first session of your course (before we give you a home testing kit).

You can find out information on where to get tested via this link 

Or you can order a testing kit directly via this link 

You can also collect a testing kit from your local testing centre and some local pharmacies, further information available via this link 


When should I use the test at home kit?

Ideally you should test yourself in the morning before you come to your class/session. If this is not possible, you can test yourself the evening before your class/session.


How do you I use the test kit?

There is a helpful video produced by an NHS doctor, that shows you how to self-test at home. See below or click this link.


What if my test is negative?

You should record your test result with the NHS via this link ( and tell your tutor when you arrive at your class/session.


What if I test positive?

You must not attend your class/session and you must self-isolate immediately. You should also notify the NHS (via this link and your tutor that you have tested positive. You will also need to get a confirmatory PCR test, you can find out information about where to do this at this link

If the PCR test confirms that you have covid-19, you will need to complete your isolation period before you can come back to your class/sessions, however your tutor will support you to continue your learning at home so you don't miss out.

If the confirmatory PCR test is negative, then you do not need to continue self-isolating and can attend your class/session as usual. You should tell your tutor the outcome of your PCR test.


I live with my family/others do they also need to self-test?

We cannot provide testing kits for your family or other people you live with. However, anyone can order a home testing kit via this link or you can collect additional test kits locally from testing centres and some pharmacies, further information can be found at 


I am running out of tests what do I do?

Your tutor will provide you with another self-testing kit when you are running low. You can also order one via this link or you can collect one locally from a testing centre or some pharmacies, further information can be found at 


Do I still have to wear a face mask/covering in class if I test negative?

The latest guidance provided by the Department for Education means face masks are no longer mandatory in classrooms. Therefore we ask you to wear a face mask while arriving and moving around the building/classroom but you may remove it once you are seated and socially distanced.


Do I still have to social distance in class if I test negative?

Yes I'm afraid so. It is important that we maintain social distancing for now.


Do I have to do the self-testing at home?

It is not mandatory to use the self-testing kits, however it is strongly recommended. Not everyone who has covid-19 shows symptoms (asymptomatic) so you could have covid-19 and not know. We want to keep everyone as safe as possible while they are taking part in our courses, so we would really appreciate it if you could help to do this by testing yourself before you come to your class/session each week.


Do I have to tell you the result of my test every week?

Yes please. The guidance from the Department for Education asks us to record the test results for each learner each time they do a test. You are also asked to report your result to the NHS each time via this link


What if I have a problem while I'm doing a self-test?

Please tell your tutor if you have any problems using your test-kit at home.


I've been vaccinated, do I still need to self-test?

Yes. It's great news that you have had a vaccine, but it is still important to self-test before coming to your class.