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Course overview

This course is available for parents with their Early Years/Year 1 child who attends Lantern Academy.

Learning through Play course shows parents/carers fun and innovative techniques and activities that help support the development of their child's language skills and learning. Parents develop ideas that can be used to support their child's joy of reading, numbers and creativity at home. The sessions are very informal, with many activities to do together which are designed to be interesting and fun to inspire both parent and child to get the most out of play time. The tutor works in conjunction with the setting's own curriculum. Tutors will encourage parents to discuss their own experiences of learning at school and to look at developing their own skills to keep up with their children. There are opportunities for parents to move on to work towards their own qualification in the community as well.


Session details

You must be committed to attend all sessions of the course. This course is a joint course with parent only during the first hour and parent and child working together for the last hour of the session.

Eligibility criteria

This course is available for parents with their Early Years/Year 1 child who attends Lantern Academy.

Parents do not need any previous experience. Any parents with any special needs can discuss these with the tutor at enrolment to ensure that the course is suitable or can be adapted for their needs. The course is available to all adults who have children in the school. If numbers applying for the course are high preference will be given to parents who: • Do not hold a full-level 2 qualification including English or maths. • Do not hold a level 2 Maths qualification • Do not hold a level 2 English qualification • Are unemployed or retired. • Are claiming JSA • Employed and looking to progress onto further Family Learning courses • Are parents/carers of children/young people who are entitled to free school meals. Parents who have been referred to the course for the purposes of improving their mental health and wellbeing

Venue and accessibility

Check with school for accessibility.



What to Do Next

Please speak to the tutor for more details or look on our website, www.learntelford.ac.uk

For enquiries contact:

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Telephone: 01952 382888

Email: support@learntelford.ac.uk

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