Frequently Asked Questions

Does registering my interest via this website guarantee me a place on the course?

No. We can only confirm your place on a course once you have fully enrolled. This will usually take place a week after the information session. It is important that you attend the first/information session so you are fully aware of what the course is about and what is involved.

What happens once I have registered my interest?

You will receive an email confirming the details of the course, including the date and time of the first session. This also confirms you are on the course interest list. If the course details change for any reason, e.g. course dates, times or venues – we will contact you to let you know.

Are all your courses free?

No. We receive funding from the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) which allows to make a lot of our courses free for people who are unemployed. However, the criteria for free courses can differ, so the eligibility criteria for fees is explained on the details for each course.

Some courses, due to the nature of the funding, can be free to everyone even if they are in employment, like English and maths for example.

Do I have to bring anything to the first session?

Yes. To complete your enrolment we need to see some form of identification, e.g. birth certificate, passport, driving licence, utility bill. If you could bring along what you have to the first session that would be very much appreciated. If you don’t have any of these, please give us a call on 01952 382888 before the enrolment session and we’ll do our best to help.

I can’t attend the information session date, can I still do the course?

Maybe. Give us a call (01952 382888) about this before the information session date and we’ll see what we can do.

I can’t attend all the sessions of the course, but I can do most of them, does it matter?

Yes. It is really important that people attend all the sessions of their course. If you already know you can’t make all the dates, perhaps a different course might fit your availability better.

Do I have to pay for anything else during the course, like for books or pens etc.?

No. We provide everything you need to complete the course, there are no extra costs of any kind.


On craft type courses, can I keep what I make?

Yes! It’s your work, we want you to have it.

I have a physical disability, can I do one of your courses?

Of course! It’s important to us that everyone who wants learning can access it. However, we do use a wide range of local community venues, some of these buildings are more accessible than others. If you can’t find venue accessibility information on the course details page, please give us a call on 01952 382888 and we’ll do our best to help.

I sometimes struggle with my mental health, can you help me?

We believe that everyone has mental health, just like everyone has physical health. We encourage people to talk to us and each other about their mental health, in much the same way that if you had a bad back, you’d happily talk to people about it.

In fact our Learning for Wellbeing courses are specifically designed to help people with issues like depression, anxiety, stress, low mood or trouble sleeping.

We’ll always do our best to support you to access and complete our courses. You can chat about this with the tutor at the first session, or give us a call on 01952 382888 and we’ll do our best to help.

Is Learn Telford anything to do with Job Box?

Yes. Learn Telford and Job Box are services that are part of Telford & Wrekin Council. Whereas Job Box is focussed directly on employment and support to gain employment, Learn Telford is focussed on providing learning opportunities, regardless of whether a person is employed or unemployed.

Is Learn Telford new?

Although the name and the website are new, Telford & Wrekin Council have been delivering adult and community learning for many years. The service is inspected by Ofsted and is rated as ‘Good’ in all areas. We really care about providing high-quality learning, so although we have a new name and website, our experience and track record of making a difference for local people remains the same.

I've missed a couple of sessions of my course, is there any point me coming back?

Yes absolutely! We really want to support everyone to complete their course.

Although you might have missed a little bit, we would love you to see you again and your tutor can help you catch-up the bits you may have missed.